A Korean Odyssey (2017)
  • 集数 Episodes: 20 Episodes
  • 首播 Broadcast Period:23/12/2017 -04/03/2018

花遊記 (2017)

A Korean Odyssey,Hwayugi,Hwayuki,화유기

戲劇 Drama , Comedy , Fantasy , Horror , Romance , 韓國戲劇 Korean | 第20集


In 2017, Son Oh Gong and King Woo Ma are in conflict with each other and they look for a true light in a dark world where evils exist everywhere. ~~ Adapted from the classic Chinese novel “Journey to the West,” but reinterprets the story into the present day and has a romantic-fantasy twist.

《花遊記》(别名:和遊記,韓語:화유기,英語:A Korean Odyssey ),為韓國tvN於2017年12月23日起播出的週末連續劇,由《最佳愛情》樸洪均導演執導與洪貞恩、洪美蘭作家再度合作打造。此劇講述擁有致命頹廢美的齊天大聖孫悟空與擁有獨特世俗本性的三藏法師陳善美,在2017年惡鬼猖獗的黑暗世界中找尋光明旅程的故事。
A Korean Odyssey (2017)
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