Big Forest (2018)
  • 集数 Episodes: 16 Episodes
  • 首播 Broadcast Period:07/09/2018 - ??

KR180907 (2018)

Big Forest,KR180907,빅 포레스트,Big Poreseuteu

戲劇 Drama , Comedy , Drama , Life , 韓國戲劇 Korean | 第4集


《Big forest》講述申東燁飾演的過氣藝人、鄭尚勳飾演的高利貸業者、崔熙瑞飾演的單身媽媽等人在首爾大林洞相遇後發生的故事。

主 演:申東燁 / 崔熙瑞 / 鄭尚勳

Shin Dong Yup used to be a top star, but he is not anymore. Jung Sang Hoon is a single father and he works as a loan shark. Im Cheong Ah is a Korean-Chinese single mother. They live in the Daerim Neighborhood of Seoul, South Korea and struggle to make a living.
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编剧 Cast

Jun Gook Hwan Unknown Support Role
Choi Won Hong Unknown Support Role
Kim Ji Won Unknown Support Role
Jung Moon Sung Unknown Support Role
Choi Hee Seo Unknown Main Role
Jung Sang Hoon Unknown Main Role
Shin Dong Yup Unknown Main Role

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