Eagles and Youngster (2018)
  • Directors: 成志超
  • 集数 Episodes: 40 Episodes
  • 首播 Broadcast Period:30/08/2018 - ??

天坑鷹獵 (2018)

Eagles and Youngster,CN180830,天坑鹰猎

戲劇 Drama , Adventure , Drama , 大陸戲劇 Chinese | 第15集


《天坑鷹獵》(英語:Eagles And Youngster),2018年中國時代劇。本劇改編自天下霸唱的同名小說,講述了20世紀80年代末,北京少年張保慶為給恩師尋藥,隻身前往東北鷹屯,卻因偶得一張古老的地圖,與地質少年團開啟了共同探秘天坑的故事。探險途中,少年不懼危險,勇挫貪婪勢力,深刻領悟到人類的過度貪婪終將破壞大自然的平衡,逐漸從懵懂的毛頭小子成長為有責任感的英雄少年的故事。

導 演: 成志超
主 演: 王俊凱 / 文 淇 / 蔣依依 / 葉筱瑋 / 鄭 好

The main character begins a dangerous journey of human against nature to find an antidote to save his master Shifu by traveling to a faraway land where he makes friends with a few key characters.
~~ Adapted from the novel written by Tian Xia Ba Chang following the rivalry of two hunting clans at the end of the 80s...
Eagles and Youngster (2018)
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编剧 Cast

Jiang Yi Yi Unknown Support Role
Bian Cheng Unknown Support Role
Wang Karry Unknown Main Role
Vicky Chen Unknown Main Role

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