Final Cut (2018)
  • 集数 Episodes: Ongoing
  • 首播 Broadcast Period:??

最终剪辑 (2018)

Final Cut,JP180109,ファイナルカット

戲劇 Drama , Crime , Drama , Investigation , Romance , 日本戲劇 Japan | 第9集


When Nakamura Keisuke was a high school student, his mother was accused of killing a girl and then his mother committed suicide. 12 years later, Keisuke tries to find the girl's real killer and also take revenge upon those responsible for his mother's suicide. He targets people from the media who covered the case and he crosses paths with sisters who hold a key to what happened. Keisuke falls in love with one of the sisters.

12年前,中村庆介(龟梨和也 饰)的母亲所经营的幼儿园中,一个幼童遭人杀害,而庆介的母亲也因一档节目而被谣传诬陷成杀人凶手,不堪舆论重负的母亲最终自杀身亡。12年后,庆介决定找出真凶,并向当年逼迫母亲自杀的人进行复仇。庆介将目标锁定在了当时参与节目制作的工作人员、主持人以及掌握案件关键信息的两姐妹。等到他查明真相接近真凶时,便公开足以让其身败名裂的视频以威胁对方完成复仇。就在庆介一步步行动的过程中,新宿中央警署的副署长也对12年前的这起案子产生了兴趣,继而注意到了庆介...
Final Cut (2018)
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