Gakeppuchi Hotel (2018)
  • Directors: Inomata Ryuichi
  • 集数 Episodes: 10 Episodes
  • 首播 Broadcast Period:15/04/2018 -18/06/2018

懸崖邊的飯店 (2018)

Gakeppuchi Hotel,崖っぷちホテル!,JP180415,Gakeppuchi Hoteru,Hotel on the Brink

戲劇 Drama , Business , Drama , Romance , 日本戲劇 Japan | 第10集



編 劇:土田英生
導 演:猪股隆一
主 演:岩田剛典 / 戶田惠梨香 / 濱邊美波 / 中村倫也

A once exclusive hotel in the outskirts well-known to only people in the know, is now on the brink of bankruptcy with a debt of 300 million yen, under the management of incapable and unmotivated staff. The diligent, rookie general manager Sakuri Sana is too young, the new patissier Hourai Haru cannot read situations, the sous chef Eguchi Ryuji is obsessed with boat racing, the cleaner Yoshimura Naomi is an amenities thief,the bartender Edakawa Kozue is always drunk and the assistant general manager Tokisada Masao is suspected of embezzlement. Then an unlikely young man Ukai Naoya shows up as a mysterious guest, and the staff who only have an abundance of pride, regard him disagreeably. No one knows just yet that his arrival will overturn everything about this hotel...
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编剧 Cast

Hamabe Minami Unknown Support Role
Nakamura Tomoya Unknown Support Role
Watanabe Ikkei Unknown Support Role
Suzuki Kosuke Unknown Support Role
Inomata Ryuichi Unknown Director
Cookie Unknown Support Role
Mullane Chad Unknown Support Role
Saeki Daichi Unknown Support Role
Miyagawa Daisuke Unknown Support Role
Nishio Mari Unknown Support Role
Ryo Unknown Support Role
Iwata Takanori Unknown Main Role
Toda Erika Unknown Main Role

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