Kioku (2018)
  • 集数 Episodes: 12 Episodes
  • 首播 Broadcast Period:21/03/2018 -06/07/2018


「魔王」「復活」「サメ」などで知られるパク・チャンホン監督と脚本家キム・ジウが再タッグを組んだ韓国ドラマ「記憶 愛する人へ」が、日本でリメイクされることになり、中井貴一が主演することがわかった。中井は若年性アルツハイマー型認知症を宣告された、50代の敏腕弁護士役を熱演する。

Honjo Hidehisa (Nakai Kiichi), a successful lawyer in his 50s, is found to have an early onset of Alzheimer’s. He forgets memories which he ought to remember and constantly recalls those that he wants to forget. One incident he wishes to forget is the death of his son in a car accident. The culprit still has not been caught. Honjo has not faced up to the past until now. He has onlythought of work and neglected his new family. But as he gradually begins to lose his memories, he devotes his remaining life to exposing his past and taking on his final case.
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编剧 Cast

Matsushita Yuki Unknown Support Role
Ishimaru Kenjiro Unknown Support Role
Kusamura Reiko Unknown Support Role
Aijima Kazuyuki Unknown Support Role
Miura Takahiro Unknown Support Role
Maruyama Tomomi Unknown Support Role
Morooka Michio Unknown Support Role
Imada Mio Unknown Support Role
Izumisawa Yuki Unknown Main Role
Yuka Unknown Main Role
Nakai Kiichi Unknown Main Role

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