Koe Girl (2018)
  • 集数 Episodes: Ongoing
  • 首播 Broadcast Period:07/04/2018 - ??

聲優女孩 (2018)

Koe Girl,声ガール!,JP180408D,Voice Girl

戲劇 Drama , 日本戲劇 Japan | 第10集



編 劇:吹原幸太 / 保木本真也
導 演:瀬田夏希
主 演:福原遙 / 中村由里香 / 永尾瑪利亞

Kikuchi Makoto is the only daughter of the grocer on the shopping street in front of the train station. She has gained popularity for her eloquence in explaining fruits and vegetables while standing in front of the shop. However, she does not know what she should do after graduating from high school and has been agonising over it. Makoto has no experience or knowledge of voice acting but one day, she issuddenly scouted by Oshima Yuichiro, the manager of a talent agency called Ihara Office, and plunges into the world of voice acting without really thinking about it. When she goes to the recording studio, other aspiring voice actresses Kuriyama Asami, Inaba Ren, Morimoto Konatsu and Ochiai Ryoko who were scouted by Oshima are there. They immediately take a voice test tailored to the anime series HappinessCharge Precure! but … … Makoto sets her sights on becoming a professional voice actor as she lives with her four rivals.
Koe Girl (2018)
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编剧 Cast

Tsurumi Shingo Unknown Support Role
Nakao Masaki Unknown Support Role
Nakamura Yurika Unknown Main Role
Yoshikura Aoi Unknown Main Role
Nagao Mariya Unknown Main Role
Fukuhara Haruka Unknown Main Role

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