Mistress (2018)
  • 集数 Episodes: 12 Episodes
  • 首播 Broadcast Period:28/04/2018 -03/06/2018

情婦 (2018)


戲劇 Drama , Drama , Mystery , Romance , Thriller , 韓國戲劇 Korean | 第12集


  什么原因、为什么、谁杀了他?在事件发生后,她们彼此产生心结,再加上各自的爱情和烦恼,把彼此綑绑在一起,过 程令人窒息。

Drama is about the scandalous lives of a group of four girlfriends - each on her own path to self-discovery as they brave the turbulent journey together. After Jan Se Yeon's husband died in an accident, she has lived with her daughter. She begins to receive phone calls and mysterious things take place around her. The drama series will revolve around 4 women including Jan Se Yeo, Kim Eun Soo, Han JungWon, and Do Hwa Young.
Mistress (2018)
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编剧 Cast

Lee Hee Joon Unknown Support Role
Kim Min Soo Unknown Support Role
Jung Ga Ram Unknown Support Role
Kim Hee Jin Unknown Support Role
Oh Jung Se Unknown Support Role
Jang Hee Jung Unknown Support Role
Ji Il Joo Unknown Support Role
Park Byung Eun Unknown Support Role
Han Ga In Unknown Main Role
Choi Hee Seo Unknown Main Role
Gu Jae Yi Unknown Main Role
Shin Hyun Bin Unknown Main Role

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