See You in Time (2017)
  • 集数 Episodes: 16 Episodes
  • 首播 Broadcast Period:10/12/2017 -29/04/2018

已讀不回的戀人 (2017)

See You in Time

戲劇 Drama , Drama , Romance , Sports , 台灣戲劇 Taiwan | 第16集


Anomalies in the Earth’s atmosphere cause irregularities in telecommunications that affects one man’s future. Feng Ying is an internationally renowned cyclist and a star in the sports world. But when he decides to return to Taiwan to help rebuild his grandfather’s cycling team, strange things begin to happen. First, Ying meets Ji Zi Qi, the cycling team’s assistant, and the two bicker into an unexpected romantic relationship. Then, Ying begins to receivemysterious messages on his cell phone of a love-hate relationship that spans 15 years. When the ominous messages seem to forebode a tragic ending, is there anything Ying do that could impact his own future?

《已讀不回的戀人》(英語:See You in Time),2017年三立華人電視劇週日十點檔系列的第四十二部作品,也是三立華劇第三部穿越劇,首部以「自行車」為主題的作品。劇情描述主角收到一封來自2019年,看似愛情催化劑的未來簡訊,因而開啟一段時空情緣。豆花妹在劇中因應2017、2019不同時空,靠接髮製造長短髮不同造型,讓死忠男粉大呼「終於還我長髮的豆花妹啦」
See You in Time (2017)
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