Single Ladies Senior (2018)
  • 集数 Episodes: 15 Episodes
  • 首播 Broadcast Period:31/03/2018 -15/07/2018

高塔公主 (2018)

Single Ladies Senior,Gao Ta Gong Zhu

戲劇 Drama , Drama , Melodrama , 台灣戲劇 Taiwan | 第15集


《高塔公主》(英語:Single Ladies Senior),2018年東森電視自製戲劇系列之第十二部作品。

編 劇: 曹晴雅 / 林雅淳
導 演: 朱 峰
主 演: 孟耿如 / 莫允雯 / 鄭茵聲 / 王牧語 / 周群達 / 利晴天 / 王家梁 / 田中千繪 / 藍鈞天

Four best friends from college are finding success as modern career women. Wang Mi Na, Yin Ge Li, Weng Mei Yan and Bai Ya Xuan are considered princesses in a tower because of their focus on their work and careers. But as they each face their own challenges of career vs. relationship, must they make a choice or can they have both?
Single Ladies Senior (2018)
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编剧 Cast

Zheng Alina Unknown Support Role
Tanaka Chie Unknown Support Role
Mok Christina Unknown Main Role
Li Sky Unknown Main Role
Wang Bonnie Unknown Main Role
Meng Summer Unknown Main Role
Lai Duncan Unknown Main Role


Trailer 高塔公主 - Single Ladies Senior

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